Yamazaki Mizunara 18 Year Old – 2017 Edition 700 ml (No Box)




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700 ml

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Single Malt

Mizunara casks are one of the most rare in creating whiskies. Mizunara casks are more porous than other types of oak. Therefore mizunara wood are also more prone to leaking. Hence, mizunara whiskies aged over 18 years within the legendary casks are the more precious. Some of the whiskies used in this amazing Yamazaki Mizunara 18 years  are in excess of 50 years, with the youngest being 18 years of age.

If you look closely, you also see that the paper label on the front is different. The mulberry Echizen paper label on the bottle has been created using traditional Japanese methods. Moreover, the wooden presentation box was created from recycled casks once used to age Suntory whisky.

Mizunara wood is notoriously difficult to work with, and consequently it is very rare to find whisky aged in this type of cask. With many other cask types, whisky usually reaches a maturation peak at some point.

Limited Edition of only 1500 bottles.

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