Yamazaki 18 Year Old Mizunara Cask – Suntory Whisky 100th Anniversary (USA Edition)




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700 ml


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Single Malt

This 100th anniversary limited edition from Suntory has been aged for 18 years in Mizunara casks before it’s release in 2023.

Mizunara (Japanese Oak) is famous for imparting its own characteristics onto the whisky stored within them such as sandalwood and other notes.

A limited edition of 2000 bottles!

This is the USA edition with “96 proof” on the label.

Mizunara oak. It has a curious ring to it. Scarcer than European and American oak, and much more expensive, its story is deeply rooted in Japanese history. The oak does not grow straight, it has a high moisture content and it’s much more porous than other varieties, he says. These issues make the casks prone to leaking. Its name, after all, translates to “water oak.” Mizunara needs to be around 200 years old before it can be cut and used for casks. While some larger distilleries have access to forests, rights are often suspended to allow them to regrow.

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