W.L. Weller 12 Year Old – 30 ml




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30 ml

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Buffalo Trace

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Single Malt

Always wanted to taste the limited W.L. Weller 12 Year Old, but never had a chance to or don’t want to crack a whole bottle as you want to keep it as investment… Oh yeah we know the struggle! We now offer samples of 30 ml to our clients to let them taste this amazing whisky. Here is your chance! Keep your investment bottle and get a sample at Whiskay?

Part of the original wheated bourbon whiskey family – meaning production involves wheat instead of the usual rye for bourbons – W. L. Weller was a brand founded by the Stitzel-Weller Distilling Company which has been sold several times over the years and is now under the ownership of the Buffalo Trace Distillery. The bourbon takes the name of William Larue Weller who was apparently the first to produce straight bourbon using wheat in 1849.

This 12 Year Old from Buffalo Trace has a silky smooth finish with bags of flavour thanks it its high proportions of wheat in the mashbill.


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