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The first THE DUO was very well received. This is a different recipe, but the same high quality! No compromises at The Whisky Jury’s. He only uses 2 different components for THE DUO. 2 casks lifting each other’s quality to become something unique!
THE DUO is made from 1 cask of a +6Y old South American Rum, and a small cask of +2Y old HD (C<>H). He keeps the exact South American country to ourselves, as it took him so long to find this lovely working combination. They are very pleased with the result!
You smell the ester, but they are not ‘in your face’. This rum is about balance. And the longer you smell it, the more complex it becomes. Almonds come out. And bananas, of course. With just a drop of paint and varnish 🙂 The pallet is completely in line with the nose. A very nice balance between esters, sweet acid, and savoury salt.
It’s still a small volume: 523 bottles of 50cl.
50cl, in order to give more people the chance to grab a bottle and enjoy it.
It’s 100% pot-still by the way!!

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