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A must have in a whisky collection whether you are a Rolling Stones fan or not! A stunning design with the iconic tongue of the Rolling Stones.

Suntory Liquors of Japan have created a special-edition whisky to mark the 50th anniversary of the infamous rock and roll band Rolling Stones. This remarkable blend was released in 2012 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band’s formation, with the blend itself containing 50 year old malt whisky distilled at Yamazaki in 1962, the same year that the band was formed. Not a coincidence that the ABV is also 50% of course😉

Furthermore…A total of six different whiskies are blended for this commemorative collectable, with each bottle shaped in the design of the Rolling Stones’ iconic tongue and lips emblem.

  • Some Rolling Stones milestones and corresponding malts usedYamazaki 1962: The Rolling Stones formedYamazaki 1971: Lips and tongue logo completedYamazaki 1972: Exile on Main St., the album including “Rocks Off,” used in Suntory TV commercials is released

    Yamazaki 1981: Signature song “Start Me Up” released

    Hakushu 1990 & Chita Grain: First performance in Japan’s Tokyo Dome

The Yamazaki component was matured in mizunara casks, with other components of the blend chosen to represent

A limited edition of only 150 bottles ever released, presented in a wooden display case with a crystal stopper.

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