Shizuoka New Make Spirit Sweden Exclusive Samples – 3 x 30 ml



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3 x 30ml





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Single Malt

Always wanted to taste the Shizuoka gift pack from Sweden, but never had a chance to or don’t want to crack a whole bottle as you want to keep it as investment…Oh yeah we know the struggle! Now we offer samples of 30 ml to our clients to let them judge if this limited edition is really worth the money. Here is your chance! Keep your investment bottle and get a sample at Whiskay ?

This giftpack was bottled exclusively for Sweden (but available via Whiskay in the Netherlands) and it contains 3 samples of 30 ml each:

  • New Make Spirit Unpeated by Karuizawa Still / 63.5%
  • New Make Spirit Unpeated by Wood Fired Still / 63.0%
  • New Make Spirit Unpeated 19 Months Bourbon Barrel / 63.0%

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