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Single Cask

In collaboration with the famous French artist BloodyBob (click here for more info!), we are extremely proud to release the first 🤖Mecha series🤖 from the Shizuoka distillery. For this series we have chosen the big universe 🌌as theme.

In total there are 4 different planets and 1 sun edition. The latter is the special edition within the limited edition as the center of the universe! There are 11 bottles that go along with the full set of planets and a unique Mecha that BloodyBob has built with his talented bare hands 🤲. The Mecha has also been put on a table that turns around the 🌞 like all the planets around the sun in the universe📍. There are just not enough words to describe how stunning this bottling is ⏩ See the pictures and the videos on instagram (click here)

***Each purchased planet bottle is an entry for the ballot on 9 September 2023 21:00PM (GMT + 1). All winners will be automatically contacted by us***

  • Sun        🌞  (1 of 11 bottles by Instagram ballot)
  • Neptune 🔵 (click here)
  • Mars      🔴 (click here)
  • Jupiter   🌔 (click here)
  • Saturn   🪐 (click here)

Each planet is a limited edition of 55 bottles‼️

Bottled from an ex-bourbon cask #2019-529 at the very promising Shizuoka distillery in Japan.

🤖What is Mecha?🤖

In science fiction, mecha (Japanese: メカ, Hepburn: meka) or mechs are giant robots or machines controlled by people, typically depicted as humanoid walking vehicles. The term was first used in Japanese after shortening the English loanword ‘mechanism’ (メカニズム, mekanizumu) or ‘mechanical’ (メカニカル, mekanikaru), but the meaning in Japanese is more inclusive, and ‘robot’ (ロボット, robotto) or ‘giant robot’ is the narrower term.

Fictional mecha vary greatly in size and shape, but are distinguished from vehicles by their humanoid or biomorphic appearance, although they are bigger, often much bigger, than human beings. Different subgenresexist, with varying connotations of realism. The concept of Super Robot and Real Robot are two such examples found in Japanese anime and manga.

A brief introduction about 🩸BloodyBob🩸:
A defector from marketing and finance, 🩸BloodyBob🩸 is a French artist who evolves in two parallel artistic universes: minimalist and contemplative photography, and digital creation, through which he expresses his offbeat vision of current events and major political and social issues.

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