Enmore 1988 32 Year Old #9 – Exclusively for The Whisky Jury & Whiskay




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700 ml

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No (Released without box)

Exclusively bottled for us by The Whisky Jury for Whiskay! The 32nd release already.

90 points by Whisky Notes!

Very honored to bottle an exclusive rum with The Whisky Jury together. It’s been an epic journey since I have met Joeri. We met due to our love for Karuizawa. Although differently: I like Karuizawa more because of its future potential in terms of return ?and Joeri likes it more because of the notes??. A perfect example how an whiskyinvestor can collab with a whiskypassionist!!!?

So I never doubted to join the train ? when he told me that he would start his own independent bottler label back in the days. Happy we have another milestone today!

This is such a lovely rum. Far away from all cliché rum. Far away from coconut and new wood. Lovely complex old nose and palate full of soft exotic spices (not spicey – mind you)
Some dried fruits… definitely some olives, a drop of soy sauce…
It tastes like the most expensive tea, but not drying. Just very complex.
The finish is very long… keeps on developing.

And isn’t it lovely when cask strength is a perfect drinking strength? It’s 48.9%.

When we could buy this rum, we were told it was coloured. The story goes back to 2007: back then it was a bit too light for a client so that person asked to make it a bit darker and ended up not buying all the casks. Luckily for us! This means that 14 years later we were still able to buy and bottle this lovely old cask of rum. That’s why you will read on the label ‘coloured in the past’. Although we don’t see any use in colouring rum or whisky, we always taste our samples blind and fell in love with this cask ❤️.

A limited edition of 181 bottles. Only available via whiskay.com and whiskymacao.com



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