North British 2006 #818381 – Whiskay’s 1st Edition – 30ml




Bottle size

30 ml

Bottle strength



No (Released without box)

Cask number



North British

Distillery status





Single Cask

This is the 30 ml version of the first bottling ever by Whiskay (click here ) so that you can keep this bottle with its revolutionary label design and still taste it.

Are these 2 different bottles in 1 picture…? No! This is the first whisky bottle with a lenticular label. Truly a revolutionary label in terms of labeling ?. Do you remember when you were a kid that lenticular labels could attract your attention for minutes?!

This label design is in memory of the Brexit??❌: Distilled in 2006 (pre-Brexit) and bottled 2021 (post-Brexit), this label tells you both stories.

This whisky is distilled from cask number 818381 from the North British distillery.


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