Kavalan Cask Strength Amontillado and Manzanilla Decanter Gift Set (2 x 500 ml)


Bottle size

2 x 50 cl

Bottle strength

56.3%, 57.8%


Yes (Gift Box)



Distillery status





Single Cask

Kavalan distillery is part of the King Car group in Taiwan, and was the first whisky distillery in the country. The group’s founder, TT Lee, was a huge fan of Glenlivet single malt and was inspired to try and replicate it in his home nation, enlisting the help of the legendary Dr. Jim Swan, known by many as “the Einstein of whisky.” The distillery takes its name from the indigenous Kavalan people of Taiwan’s Kabalan Plain, and opened in December 2005. It produced its first spirit in 2006, and its first single malt bottling in 2008. Within just four years it was already receiving international acclaim, receiving an number of prestigious awards over the years.

Two wonderfully presented single cask whiskies from the King Car Distillery in Taiwan.

  • Kavalan Cask Strength Amontillado Cask 56.3% 50cl
  • Kavalan Cask Strength Manzanilla Cask 57.8% 50cl

The set also includes two branded glasses!

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