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Ichiro's Malt & Grain

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The Ichiro’s Malt brand is produced by Japanese firm, Venture Whisky, and is named after their founder, Ichiro Akuto. He is also the founder of the Chichibu distillery. Venture Whisky was established in 2004 after Ichiro acquired the remaining unblended stocks of single malt from his grandfather’s Hanyu distillery. Ichiro’s Malt was born the following year, with the release of the original ‘Card’ series single casks of Hanyu. The company then opened its own distillery in 2008, the increasingly sought-after Chichibu. In addition to bottling these two single malts, the Ichiro’s Malt brand has also produced a number of sought after blended whiskies like this over the years.

In an effort to support bars and restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis, Venture Whisky has introduced a new iteration of the Ichiro’s Malt & Grain World Blended, dubbed 505. This one amps up both the malt component and abv, bringing us a markedly different blend than that of the standard White Label. (Click here for more info from Whiskey Richard).

This release is the World Blended Whisky and contains casks sourced internationally alongside Chichibu malt. The 505 in the name refers to the 50.5% abv of the whisky.

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