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Ben Nevis, Bruichladdich, Glenfarclas, Amrut Distilleries, Kavalan

Always wanted to taste whisky with a super high ABV, but never had a chance to or don’t want to crack a whole bottle as you want to keep it as investment…? Oh yeah, we know the struggle! Now we offer tasting boxes with 6 samples of 30 ml to let our clients taste and enjoy these hard-to-find whisky.

Here is your chance! Keep your investment bottle and get a sample at Whiskay ?

  • Caol ila 1 Day Old – twj-Ci03     59.4% ABV
  • Williamson 2010 Oloroso Sherry #06017 The Whisky Jury     52.3 % ABV
  • Dailuaine 12 Year Old  #307138 / Fable        54.8 % ABV
  • Glenfarclas 21 year old Celebrating the Launch of Whisky FM           51.4% ABV
  • Kavalan Rum Cask for Velier 70th Anniversary           57.1% ABV
  • Port Charlotte PC10 Tro Na Linntean           59.8% ABV


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