Hibiki 35 – Kutani Decanter




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Yes, you are looking at the oldest Hibiki that exists: The Hibiki 35 year old!!! This bottle is 1 of the 2 bottles that form a set together (click here!).

The Hibiki 35 year old is a real blending jewel containing single malts and grain whiskies aged in different types of barrels such as Sherry, Bourbon and Mizunara casks the rare oak from Japan, whose ages range from 35 to 54 year old for the oldest one!

This handmade ceramic bottle is to honour and mark the 400th anniversary of the appearance of porcelain in Japan. Suntory has used the expertise of traditional ceramics producers in Arita and Kutani on the island of Kyushu.

The Kutani (a territory of Japan) style of Japanese ceramic-ware dates back to the mid-17th Century, after a gold-mine worker in the area named Goto Saijiro was sent by his feudal lord to learn the art of porcelain manufacture in Arita. While the artefacts produced in Arita were more conservative, and discernably Chinese in feel, the Kutani developed their own more colourful, visceral style.

A limited edition of only 150 bottles worldwide!!!

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