Hand Made Whisky Nose Glasses – Model G101


What is the perfect glass for tasting whisky? Here it is folks. For the true connoisseurs among us!!! These heavy weight nose glasses are all hand made with a matching lid. Its design increases the aromatic notes of the whisky.

Model G101 exemplifies our own approach to whisky glassware. It is still the good, old Amber Glass tulip. However, what makes this model special is the hand – painted stem inspired by the exquisite colour of whisky. We wanted to imitate the effect of a glass filled all the way down to the base. The colour of the stem and the base pleasantly merges with the alcohol inside the bowl. The glass itself plays a decorative role and is an absolute Must-have for every collector. Supplied with a cover and an attractive case is an excellent gift for all whisky lovers.                         
Basic dimensions:  
  • Capacity: 10 cl
  • High: 171 mm (tolerance +/- 2 ÷ 3%)
  • Diameter: 58 mm (tolerance +/- 2 ÷ 3%) 
Key points
  • Mouth – blown, soda – boron glass and the cover 
  • Unique design
  • Increases aromatic notes
  • All in one” glass type
  • Hand – Painted amber stem
  • Special filling – guarantee 100% safety during shipping
  • Modern design, elegance, satin box

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