Hand Made Whisky Nose Glasses – Model G100


What is the perfect glass for tasting whisky? Here it is folks. For the true connoisseurs among us!!! These heavy weight nose glasses are all hand made with a matching lid. Its design increases the aromatic notes of the whisky.

A tulip-shaped, hand-crafted glass, slightly modified by the best polish glass experts. Recommended for heavier peat-smoke whiskies. The tapered mouth nicely concentrates aromas ensuring maximum tasting and nosing satisfaction. Its delicate shape comes from a meticulous glass blowing process. The high, slender stem emphasizes the shape of the bowl. Supplied with a handcrafted matching “outside” cover which prevents evaporation and preserves the aroma. A perfect set for all “water of life” aficionados.  
Basic dimensions
  • Capacity: 10 cl
  • High: 171 mm (tolerance +/- 2 ÷ 3%)
  • Diameter: 58 mm (tolerance +/- 2 ÷ 3%) 
Key points
  • Mouth blown, soda – boron glass and the cover 
  • Unique design
  • Increases aromatic notes
  • All in one” glass type
  • Special filling – guarantee 100% safety during shipping
  • Modern design, elegance, satin box

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