Chichibu Single Malt Dream Cask #554 – Ghost Serie Number 12




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700 ml

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Single Cask

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???????????? This is the 12th edition of the Ghost series featuring from Yoshitoshi’s “New Forms of 36 ghosts” (click here for more info) by Stefan van Eycken (click here to read more about this legend of Japanese whisky). The very first edition was released in 2013 from a Karuizawa single cask. This 12th edition is also the 2nd Ghost of the Chichibu distillery bottled from a single bourbon cask with an age of 10 years old.

The print of this 12th edition refers to the well-known ghost story of Okiku. This story was also an inspiration for the famous movie “The Ring” (click here). The story revolves around a set of 10 plates with 1 missing though. Servant maid Okiku is unjustly blamed for the missing plate and died because of this. However, after her death she came back for haunt the living. Each night, her ghost would appear, countly slowly up to nine, then break into a fearfull wall. Eventually, a friend of the family exorcised her simply by waiting until she had counted to nine, then saying ‘ten’ in a loud voice. Her spirit (not in terms of whisky though) was satisfied and appeared no more.

This whisky is a limited edition of only 157 bottles and I can assure you many have been opened already! Truly collectible as this Ghost serie is one of the few series that has whiskies from different distilleries. Most series are by produced from one distillery indeed ????????????

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