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Chichibu is the emerging Japanese distillery in the whisky world. With winning award after award, investors and connoisseurs become aware of the intrinsic value of Chichibu. This is actually not surprising if we know who is the mastermind (Ichiro Akuto), grandson of the closed distillery Hanyu. If you have never heard from this guy, you should definitely read THIS —>CLICK HERE<—

The Chichibu distillery is lately working together closely with the most luxury hotels in Tokyo. After the release of the Chichibu Peninsula 2018 , they have now bottled a single cask blended whisky for the Grand Hyatt Hotel as well.  This new release is called Ichiro’s Malt & Grain Maduro and will be sold exclusively in the hotel’s Maduro lounge. Moreover, it is also the very first Japanese whisky by the Grand Hyatt hotel chain (YES, it is very collectible among the investors!).

Maduro is named after the jazz lounge of the same name with staff from the bar selecting the components of the whisky.


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