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Always wanted to taste the limited Chichibu Ichiro’s Malt and Grain, but never had a chance to or don’t want to crack a whole bottle as you want to keep it as investment…Oh yeah we know the struggle! Now we offer samples of 30 ml to our clients to let them judge if this limited edition is really worth the money. Here is your chance! Keep your investment bottle and get a sample at Whiskay ?

This is the entry whisky to the young but famous distillery Chichibu. It is like feeling the engine of the Lamborghini, but without the airco inside. No worries though! If this Chichibu Ichiro’s Malt and Grain tastes good, then we can upgrade the same car with the airco?. And at the same time we would save money if it did not not suit our palette! It sounds like a win-win!!!?

This is an older version of this “worldwide blended whisky,” which still contains a proportion of single malt from Akuto’s grandfather’s distillery, Hanyu. Malt from the sought after closed distillery is blended with Ichiro’s Chichibu, and other whisky he has sourced from around the world.

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