Chichibu 2012-2020 #2012 – Intergalactic Edition 3 (Pre-Sale & 1 Bottle Per Person Only)




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700 ml

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Single Cask

Yes we are happy to announce the pre-sale of the long awaited Chichibu Intergalactic Edition 3 in our shop!!! Other stores are already sold out (don’t waste your time and effort, because we already tried ourselves too😉). Thus now we are the only shop in the world that can offer this to clients😎. 162 bottles will be released in the last week of July 2020.

After the huge success of the previous Intergalactic Edition 1 (click here) & Edition 2 (click here) there will be two new editions this year to make this serie to a total of 4 bottles. [ Edition 4 will be released later this year in November.  But for now we don’t have any Edition 4 allocated yet and hopefully we can also offer a few bottles as pre-sale later on🤞🤞🤞. We will always keep you posted of course! ] Edition 3 has the least outturn of the serie with a total release of 162 bottles. Edition 1 contains 180 bottles, edition 2 has 238 bottles while edition 4 will be 213 bottles.

Just like edition 1 & 2 I can already guarantee you that at least a few will be opened by Salud Distribution for tasting. Hence in practice there will be less than 162 bottles floating around.

The Dutch and Austrian press are already as excited as we are for the releases. Unfortunately the text are in Dutch and German, but luckily we have for these challenges. The 2 press releases from the Netherlands can be found here and here. The release from Austria can be found here.

To make 100% sure you will get the bottle we ask a 30% prepayment of € 1000. If you pay by bank we can offer a 3% discount (€ 30). Please contact us by whatsapp (+31610556898) or email (INVEST@WHISKAY.COM) to get the password of the prepay weblink (click here) or our bank account details. ***1 Bottle Per Person Only***

At the same time, I can already see your eyebrows raising though🤨! Please don’t worry about this prepayment. Unlike other stores we don’t just refund the money if we don’t deliver due to unfortunate reasons (not enough allocation of whatever you can think of). If there will be a situation we have to cancel the sale, we will guarantee you that we pay you back the amount with any exchange rate loss from your side + 10% on top for the inconvenience. So either way clients buying from us have a win-win🤩.  


***1 Bottle Per Person Only***

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