Chichibu 2011-2019 #4549 – Intergalactic Edition 2




Bottle size

700 ml

Bottle strength




Cask number







Single Cask

The long awaited Chichibu matured in a Belgium stout barrel is finally here!!! Exclusively bottled for Austria. It got even featured in Forbes (read here!).

There were a few lucky winners, but unfortunately many were not so lucky to be chosen by Vienna Distribution. According to Salud Distribution and Vienna Distribution There were people crying of happiness they got chosen, but they also had to deal with persons crying of sadness because they were not chosen this time. Although the interview is in Dutch, it is worth to consult Google Translate for it (read here)!

A limited edition of 236 bottles only, all individually numbered as well!!

And we can tell you some bottles were already cracked, at least a few at the 2 Masterclasses that Salud and Vienna Distribution have hosted in Amsterdam and Vienna (see pictures)😉. Hence, there are less than 236 closed bottles for your whisky (investment) portfolio📈.

After all the price of anything is a reflection of supply versus demand…More open bottles is less supply🤭

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