Bowmore 25 Years Old & Caol Ila 10 Years Old – The Whiskyfair Takao 2017



1-10, 21-30

Bottle strength

49% & 53%



Cask number

29736 (Bowmore) & 2867 (Caol Ila)

Distillery status





Single Cask

This is a stunning design with 2 independent bottlings from the Whisky Agency of the distilleries Bowmore and Caol Ila. These bottles were exclusively bottled for the first ever Whiskyfair Takao in 2017. The box is made of handcrafted wood. Take a close look on the pictures for it’s stunning label design!

The Bowmore 1991 is 25 years old. Matured in a barrel cask type (49% ABV).

The Caol Ila 2006 is younger, 10 years old. Matured in a hogshead cask type (53% ABV).

Both bottles are a limited edition of only 172 bottles ever released…

…and you can imagine that during the Whiskyfair some have been cracked, so in practice there are less than 172 unopened left probably.

This set is super collectible since these 2 bottles are the first bottlings of the Whiskyfair in Taiwan.

The Whiskyfair Takao 2017 was the first time ever an international whisky event focus on independent and cask strength bottlings and many others in Taiwan. The event was held in the highest building in Kaohsiung city. It was a whisky event for all the hardcore whisky fans and a further step to promote the independent and cask strength bottlings in Asia. Show organiser Michael Hsieh was inspired by the Limburg Whisky Fair in Germany.

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