Akashi Cabernet Franc Cask #61791 – Ghost Serie Number 14 – 30 ml




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Always wanted to taste the limited Akashi Cabernet Franc Cask #61791 – Ghost Serie Number 14, but never had a chance to or don’t want to crack a whole bottle as you want to keep it as investment…Oh yeah we know the struggle! Now we offer samples of 30 ml to our clients to let them judge if this limited edition is really worth the money. Here is your chance! Keep your investment bottle and get a sample at Whiskay ?

???????????? This is the 14th edition of the Ghost series featuring from Yoshitoshi’s “New Forms of 36 ghosts” (click here for more info) by Stefan van Eycken (click here to read more about this legend of Japanese whisky). The very first edition was released in 2013 from a Karuizawa single cask. This 14th edition is the 2nd edition of the ghost series by the Akashi distillery. Moreover, this is the 13th whisky of the whole series…Yes read again, no typo. Even though it is number 14, the 13th edition of this series was a gin for the first time.

This whisky is a limited edition of only 394 bottles and I can assure you many have been opened already! Serge of www.whiskyfun.com has given it 90 points out of 100. See one of the pictures for the full review, cheers!


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