What makes us to set up this (web)shop called “Whiskay”…? Why is the company called “Whiskay”, is it some misspelling…?🤔 Well, keep on reading if you are still interested to know the answers to these questions and more…🤓!

We like investing and we like collecting. Which person would be against more money without having to put much effort in it, right🤑? These 2 properties can be found together in rare and exclusive whiskies on this globe. Having some sexy bottles on the shelf, while you see your wealth going up📈. Actually, there is no better way of enjoying an investment in my opinion. Whisky investing is becoming more and more popular while it is a relatively old way of investing your (hard earned) money 💪! Therefore our slogan is: “Invest 2 Collect” —> If we invest money in whiskies wisely, we can just sit back comfortably and collect money from these investments🏝. In our Knowledge Base, you can read more about being a whisky investor and whisky investing. Do you want to get your retirement sooner than you have ever imagined, then you should read it definitely👴🏼👵🏼!!!

We have been naming our company as Whiskay, because our oldest daughter is called Kay. Therefore combining Whis & Kay as the company name is the perfect match. Eventually, Kay will be the heir of all these whiskies👸🏻.

We have a broad network by being a reliable business partner for buying and selling whiskies from many many other investors and collectors🧐.We do not have any employees in house, because first of all we are greedy haha😂!!! But another reason is even more important to us👀: We’d like to control the whole process from ordering a product in our shop until the courier is knocking on the door of the client 🚛 (yes, just call us control freaks). Shipping whisky sounds easy to many of us. However, to lower the risk of a leaking💦 or even a broken bottle to nearly zero is truly a skill. Our bottles travel to anywhere in the world. The trips are time consuming and long. Therefore, we have to pack them very very safely. Because satisfaction of clients is our #🥇 priority —> No clients = No business = No money = No whiskies = No investing = No collecting = No food🤒

Feel free to shoot us a whatsapp, email or any other way for whisky investing or looking for your bottle on the top or your wish list🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️.

Well, enough shots for our narcissism for now. Enjoy your shopping spree here🛍. All orders over the € 500 = FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!✈️🌎

Oh wait…Before I forget: we are not only selling, but also buying bottles from you here!


Trevin Lam

The Whisky Investor🥃


+31 6 10 55 68 98

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